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You can access over 19,000 HD channels and 60,700 VOD 4K options, including entertainment, sports, movies, TV channels from the USA, UK, Germany, France and more.

Flix IPTV works on Android, iOS, Firestick, Apple TV, Smart TVs and Windows devices. The Flix IPTV app supports multiple devices.

Yes, Flix IPTV offers a free 24 hours trial and 2-days paid trial for £1.49 to test the service quality before subscribing.

Flix IPTV provides crystal clear HD, 4K and 1080p quality for live TV with 60fps. The VOD movies and shows are also HD and 4K quality.
Yes, Flix IPTV provides an electronic program guide (EPG) so you can easily find and view channel schedules.

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